Teen Ranch offers top-notch facilities for our guests of all seasons. With a capacity of over 125 guests for overnight trips, we offer a variety of accommodation options to meet the unique needs of groups and camps throughout all seasons of the year. Our rooms are inviting, clean, comfortably-sized, feature over-sized bunk beds, en-suite washrooms and are climate controlled for year-round comfort. Many rooms offer an adjacent bunk room or a separate smaller room so that supervision is always available when needed.

The Carriage House

The Carriage House is a beautiful, two-story building which can house up to 58 guests. It boasts a large meeting room with a vaulted wooden ceiling, exposed beams and a stone-covered gas fireplace making this a timelessly warm space for guests to connect and host meetings in.

The Coach House

The Coach House is a bright, cheery, up-to-date accommodation which can house over 56 guests along with additional space for supervisors. It also contains four meeting room spaces of various sizes which can be used for a variety of activities. The spacious central lounge area is capable of accommodating well over 60 people, and it’s gas fireplace offers and inviting focal point.

The Hotel

The Plough Inn Hotel is a cozy, western style accommodation offering comfortably sized hotel rooms including private washrooms and full linens and is ideal for single adults, couples and small families. This unique space provides a moderate size meeting room great for relaxing or for conducting meetings. It’s traditional elements and gas fireplace provide warmth all year long.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is a comfortable space that offers a wonderful, western style, sit-down, dining atmosphere. The gas fireplace, heritage decor and excellent service offered in this room provide a traditional, community focused/or family style dining experience. From camps to high end retreats and conferences, the Teen Ranch Dining Room provides an environment for connection and enjoyment.

The Ice Corral

The Teen Ranch Ice Corral is an Olympic-size arena which opened in 1994. With it's large international ice surface, large dressing rooms, meeting rooms and weight room, we accommodate aspiring young hockey players from around the world, as well as local teams and groups.

NHL teams such as the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs have utilized our arena for development camps. The Florida Panthers and St. Michael's Majors are our annual guests for their development camps as well. National and Olympic teams from Canada, Finland, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand add to the list of International guests.

We conduct our skill development programs and leagues year-round in this stunning facility. Portable boards provided by the NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund allow us to run 3 on 3 tournaments or provide smaller ice surfaces for the tykes.

The Hockey Hall of Faith - a unique expression of the Christian faith of about 40 NHL players - is a part of the arena lobby.

The Ice Corral seats approximately 900 people.

Teen Ranch offices are accommodated in the Ice Corral.

Historical photos