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  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows
  • Hunter/Jumper Shows

Hunter/Jumper Horse Shows

Welcome & History

Thank you for being a part of the 2017 Hunter/Jumper Series!

In 2017, Teen Ranch is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary! After starting the first Teen Ranch in Australia, Mel Stevens returned home with $10 in his pocket to start Teen Ranch Canada. Because of the generosity of many people and God’s provision, Teen Ranch has been positively impacting the lives of youth & adults for 50 years! Mel registered Teen Ranch as a Not-For-Profit Christian charity way back in 1967, ensuring that if the property were ever sold, all profits would by law be distributed to other charities with similar objectives.

Today, Teen Ranch hosts summer camps in english and western horseback riding, soccer, hockey, BMX, figure skating and outdoor adventure. In the fall, winter & spring, we host day camps, retreat groups, school outdoor educational trips, training camps for hockey, soccer and football teams and even community events for those in the area.

We are so happy that you are here celebrating with us and becoming part of Teen Ranch’s rich history!

Why show at Teen Ranch?

  • PROFESSIONAL courses.
  • Divisions offered for every level from first time competitors to those schooling before their A Shows.
  • Friendly staff.
  • RIBBONS 1ST-6TH in each class
    (participant ribbons available for all competitors in the Leadline, Beginner, & Rookie Divisions).
  • CHAMPION & RESERVE CHAMPION RIBBONS in each division. Ribbons supplied by Ringside Ribbons.
  • PRIZE MONEY TO THE CHAMPION & RESERVE CHAMPION in each division excluding Equitation and Leadline Divisions (5+ entries required).
  • PRIZES to the Champion of each Hunter/Jumper Division sponsored by PURINA.
  • MEDALS to 1st-3rd in each equitation class
  • BREYER HORSES to the champion and reserve champions of the Leadline Division at each show. Sponsored by Greenhawk.

2017 Show Dates

  • June 4, 2017
  • June 18, 2017
  • July 9, 2017
  • July 23, 2017
  • August 13, 2017
  • August 27, 2017

Membership Application

2017 Entry Form

2017 Show Program

Hunter/Jumper Facebook Page

Hunter/Jumper Standings

Show Photos

DateRing 1Ring 2Ring 4Jumper
June 4Ring 1Ring 2Ring 4Jumper
June 18Ring 1Ring 2Ring 4Jumper
July 9Ring 1Ring 2Ring 4Jumper
July 23Ring 1Ring 2Ring 4Jumper
August 13Ring 1Ring 2Ring 4Jumper
August 27
Rebecca Marie Photography
PACT Photography
Karie Elizebeth Photography

Class Descriptions


This ring is intended for riders of the more novice variety or to horses not comfortable showing at a 12’ stride. All lines in this sand ring are set for an 11’ canter stride.


Over fences classes will be set at 2’3”. Entries may not enter any other jumping division except Novice Equitation.


Open to all novice riders. Riders may not cross enter to Ring #2.


Horses may not cross enter to Ring #2.


Open to inexperienced riders or horses. Horse/Rider combos may not enter any other jumping division except Novice Equitation.


Open to novice riders. Not eligible for any other division except Hack #1.


This ring is designed for the more experienced riders. All lines in this large grass ring are set for a 12’ canter stride.


Open to all green horses or riders moving up from Ring #1.


Fences to be set at 2’. Horses may not cross enter into the Hi/Low Division.


Fences to be set at 2’3”. Open to all.


Open to all Amateurs. Jumpers to be set at 2’3. Riders may not cross enter into Ring #1.


Open to all. Choose 2’6 or 2’9. Heights judged as one class.


Large Sand Ring not to start before 12:00 after the completion of the Rookie Division.


Jumps set at a max. of 0.75m. Walking can be done any time before the start of the class. Clear round may be done at any time during the Table A class.
Table A – 1st round only timed in case of a tie. Clear Rounds proceed to immediate jump off.
Table C Speed – 1 round only. Round is timed with faults converted to penalty seconds.
  • Knockdown – 4 seconds added.
  • 1st Refusal – No faults but clock continues to run.
  • 2nd Refusal – Elimination.
Gambler’s Choice – Every fence is given a point value. Riders have 40 seconds to collect as many points as possible. Every fence can only be jumped twice. If fence is knocked down, no points are given and it is out of play.


$100 Added + 50% of entry$ goes to pot. 1st – 60%. 2nd – 30%. 3rd – 10%. If less than 5 entries, no money will be awarded. Not eligible for Year End Awards.


This smaller sand ring is designed for beginner-novice riders. Lines to be set for an 11’ canter stride.


For riders 7 yrs & under. Rider not eligible for any other division. For those that are able, a lead is not required but a handler to walk beside is still a must.


For beginner riders of any age not comfortable showing at the canter. Riders not eligible for any other division.


Walk, Trot, Canter. Open to beginner riders who are not eligible for any other division.


  1. ASTM approved helmets mandatory for all riders. Proper show attire required.
  2. Back number must be worn and visible at all times while on horseback.
  3. Please read class descriptions to see rules on cross-entering.
  4. All Riders MUST have a Day or Annual Teen Ranch H/J Membership to compete. Available Here
  5. Hunter Classes - Flash nose bands and running or german martingales are not permitted in hunter classes. Leg protection may be worn on horse in warm-up and inclement weather only when approved by judge.
  6. Champion/Reserve Champions at each show are calculated as follows: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  7. Year-End Awards – Must show in at least 3 shows this season to qualify. Points are awarded to horses in hunter/jumper divisions, the rider in equitation/lead line divisions and horse/rider combinations for the beginner, rookie, and short stirrup divisions. Points are calculated as follows: 7 * entries, 5 * entries, 4 * entries, 3 * entries, 2 * entries, 1 * entries.
  8. Fall of horse or rider = elimination. Rider must exit ring before re-mounting.
  9. Teen Ranch accepts no responsibility for damage, theft, loss, accident, death or injury.
  10. EQUINE CANADA RULES APPLY. Please check your bit and equipment if questionable.

Year-End Banquet

Date: Sunday October 22, 2017.
Theme: GOLD (Teen Ranch is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year!)
Dress: Semi-Relaxed to Semi-Formal Attire
Deadline to reserve tickets is October 6.

5:00pm - Arrival for Hors d'oeuvres
5:30pm - Dinner is Served (Please arrive before 5:30pm )
$35/adult, $25 for kids under 10 years.

Tickets available at the Show Entry Booth or reserve before October 6 by email to [email protected]
Ribbons & Prizes to top 6 in each division.
Annual Trophies, Special Awards
Photo Contest Award – get your nominations in!

Great Food

Raffle Items

Best Dressed Table Award

Photo Booth

and much more!


  • Best Dressed Table Award
  • Photo Contest Award – send in your nominations!!
  • The Highland Spirit Annual Trophy in Memory of Christine Legare goes to the champion of the 2’3” Intermediate Hunter Division: sponsored by Highland Horse Farm
  • The Johnny Barkey Memorial Trophy goes to the Champion of the Jumper Division - sponsored by the Barkey Family.
  • Sportsmanship Award & Prize - Voted on by show staff, coaches and attendees. Prize sponsored by Greenhawk. Annual trophy in memory of Ginger Jones Lisser sponsored by The Aker Family.
  • Tenacity Award- Voted on by coaches…to the rider who has displayed an incredible attitude through adversity. Annual Trophy in memory of Layne Stevens.
  • High Point Welsh/Half-Welsh Award. Proof of registration required. Sponsored by Beaverwood Farm.
  • TIP Awards – honouring High Point Registered Thoroughbreds. 3+ entries required in each category to be eligible for a prize.
    • Jr. Rider High Point Award
    • Hunter 2’6”/2’9” High Point TB
    • Hunter 2’3” or lower High Point TB
    • Jumper High Point TB
    • Equitation High Point TB
    • Hack Division High Point TB
    • Green OTTB High Point TB (horses who have raced in the past 2 years)
Please remember to register with the Jockey Club and bring your horses T.I.P. Number to the shows to qualify! Thoroughbred Incentive Program

Raffle items needed!

Email [email protected] if you, or your barn are able to donate something.
Highland Horse Farm
Beaverwood Farm


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McCarron Feed & Needs
Ecclestone Horse Transport
The Good Growth Plan
The Pawsitive Touch
Buyers Hay
The Jockey Club
Running Fox
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