Hunter / Jumper shows

Professional courses and divisions for first-time competitors to those schooling before their A Shows.

2024 Show Series

2024 Hunter/Jumper Shows

Show dateEntries due
May 26, 2024May 20, 2024
June 23, 2024June 17, 2024
July 28, 2024July 22, 2024
August 25, 2024August 19, 2024
September 22, 2024September 16, 2024

Divisions and classes

Ring #1 (9:00 am start)

This ring is intended for riders or horses with less experience. All lines in this sand ring are set for an 11' canter stride.
  • Novice Hack Division
  • 2' Green Hunters
  • 1'6"/1'9" Novice Equitation Development
  • 1'9" Novice Hunters
  • 1'6" Short Stirrup Division

Ring #3 (8:30 am start)

This ring is designed for the more experienced riders. All lines are set for a 12' canter stride.
  • Hack Division
  • 2' Hunters
  • Amateur Equitation Division
  • 2'3" Hunters
  • 2'6"/2'9" Hi/Low Hunters

Ring #4 (8:00 am start)

This smaller sand ring is designed for beginner-novice riders. Lines to be set for an 11' stride. Divisions to be split in half by age if there are more than 15 competitors entered.
  • Leadline Division
  • Starter Division
  • Beginner Division
  • Rookie Division

Ring #2 - Grass Ring (Start time not before 12:00 pm)

Will begin at the completion of the Hi/Low Division. (if shod, it’s advised to use corks)
  • Jumper Division - Open to all. Choose .6m, .75m OR .9m. All heights are judged together.
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  • Per Division fee: $100 +HST (division fee includes a warm-up round)
  • Back number fee: $10 +HST

Schooling Ring Rental

Ring schooling will be available on the Saturday before each show only:
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Year-end awards 2024

  • Plan for Year End Celebration TBD.
  • Ribbons and Prizes to top 6 in each division.
  • High point Male Rider Award – Sponsored by Denworth Equine Management
    To the Male rider earning most points in one division this season. Winner receives an annual and keeper trophy.
  • High point Welsh/Half Welsh – Sponsored by Beaverwood Farm
    To the pony earning the most points throughout the season. Winner receives a GIANT custom ribbon.
  • High point TB Awards – Sponsored by the Jockey Club
    Must submit TIP Card to qualify. All winners receive a ribbon, prize, apparel and $50 USD sponsored by The Jockey Club.
    • High Point Hack TB
    • High Point Jumper TB
    • High Point Green TB
    • High Point Low Hunter TB (under 2’6)
    • High Point High Hunter TB (2’6 & over)
    • High Point Jr. Rider
    • High Point Sr. Rider
    • High Point Equitation Rider
  • Barn Challenge – High Point Equestrian Team earning the most points throughout the season.
  • Sportsmanship Award - Sponsored by Greenhawk and Brian & Cathy Aker
    To be voted on by competitors, coaches and parents. All nominees get a ribbon, winner receives an annual trophy and keeper trophy sponsored by Brian and Cathy Aker, & a prize donated by Greenhawk.
  • Tenacity Award – Sponsored by Lee Stevens in memory of Layne Stevens
    To be voted on by competitors, coaches and parents. All nominees get a ribbon, winner receives an annual trophy and keeper trophy sponsored by Lee Stevens.
  • Horse of the Year – Sponsored by Dr. Kristin Varik
    Horse/pony earning the most points of the season. Receives an annual trophy, a custom ribbon and an equine massage.
  • Year End Jumper Champion will receive the annual Johnny Barkey Memorial Trophy
  • Year End Green Hunter Champion will receive the annual Christine Legare Memorial Trophy.
  • Custom Sponsored Awards – If you’d like to nominate someone special, you can sponsor a custom award at the Year End Banquet! Contact [email protected] with your idea.

Rules & policies

Show rules

  1. ASTM approved helmets mandatory for all riders. Proper show attire required.
  2. Back number must be worn and visible at all times while on horseback.
  3. Please read class descriptions to see rules on cross-entering.
  4. Entries MUST be submitted on the Monday before each show.
  5. Hunter Classes - Flash nose bands and running or german martingales are not permitted. Leg protection may be worn on horse in warm-up and inclement weather only when approved by judge.
  6. Champion/Reserve Champions at each show are calculated as follows: 7,5,4,3,2,1. Champion Tie-Breakers – In the Leadline, Short Stirrup, Starter, Beginner & Rookie Division, most points in Equitation wins. In other divisions, most points over fences wins. After that or in hack divisions, judge may flip a coin or do conformation line up for the winner.
  7. Year-End Awards – Must show in at least 3 shows in the division to qualify. Points are awarded to horses in hunter/jumper divisions, the rider in equitation/lead line divisions and horse/rider combinations for the beginner, rookie, and short stirrup divisions. Points are calculated as follows: 7xentries, 5xentries, 4xentries, 3xentries, 2xentries, 1xentries.
  8. Fall of horse or rider = elimination. Rider must exit ring before re-mounting.
  9. Pony Riders – we don’t set age limits to show ponies, as we believe it’s better for ponies to get this time in training so they are safe for younger riders later.
    Please be sure the rider is of suitable size for the pony's comfort.
  10. For all other concerns, EQUINE CANADA RULES APPLY. Please check your bit and equipment if questionable.
  11. Teen Ranch accepts no responsibility for damage, theft, loss, accident, death or injury.


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